First, there was 1.0, then came version 2.0. Now we are up to the Super Affiliate System 3.0. So just how does the SAS 3.0 compare to other versions of the product? John Crestani has had many other internet marketing products that came before the Super Affiliate System but nothing as in-depth as the SAS. He continues to refine the product to ensure his members have the biggest chance of success if they simply follow the system.

SIMPLY FOLLOW THE SYSTEM! I bet you’ve heard that before. I know I have…

They try and put the blame back on us, the user of the product. There are so many things that need to fall into place for you to have success with the SAS. It may turn out to be the perfect fit for you and allow you to kiss your day job good by. Onwards and upwards from here! BUT, the reality is for most of us, WE ARE unlikely to find success with the super affiliate system. We might spend thousands of dollars investing in paid advertising, from Facebook Ads to Youtube Ads, Instagram and LinkedIn. Not to mention, the countless hours of training you’ve watched. You might even get pretty good, start making a bit of money but then something happens. Something comes up where life gets in the way. The next thing you know it’s two years before you get back to your online endeavours and you can barely remember how to do Facebook Advertising. In short, your PASSION has gone. 

the super affiliate system dashboard

John Crestani has certainly made every effort to give you the tools necessary to become a successful online marketer using paid advertising. So, how do you give yourself every opportunity for success with this product? 

  • Although you get $895 in free advertising credits when you buy the course, the reality is you will most likely need more funds than this. By having an extra $2,000 in funds available to invest in paid advertising will give you the extra time you’ll likely to test things out and create a profitable paid advertising campaign. Momentum is everything when it comes to breaking through online.
  • Initially, it’s best to focus on only one paid advertising method. If you decide on YouTube advertising, stick at this one method alone. Spend your whole advertising budget on YouTube advertising and you’ll give yourself the best opportunity to start making money online.
  • Put some extra money aside to purchase the additional tools you’ll need. As an example, you may want to purchase Clickfunnels. This product comes with a 14 day free trial but after the 14 days is up, the cost is $97 per month.


As so many success stories in the online world do, it all STARTED with a BOOK! Bob Proctor claims the book Think & Grow Rich opened his eyes to another world. The man behind the super affiliate system, John Crestani is no different quoting the book that did it for him was… the FOUR HOUR WORK WEEK.

Hey, my name is Pat Simons, and I can remember reading the Four Hour Work Week back when it came out in 2007. The book’s title sounded so appealing, but for most people, the reality may never transpire.

You might be trying to decide whether this course is for you. Can you apply the training and put it into practice to start earning a living online?

If you’re anything like me, I invested in course after course online. From affiliate marketing to email marketing to search engine optimization to social media marketing. No matter what I tried, nothing seemed to work. It felt like there was always something holding me back. There was always something missing in the training. You might call it a roadblock or bottleneck. Something I just couldn’t get passed or breakthrough. I would spend weeks investing time and resources into the training only to reach a point that I just couldn’t get passed.

What exactly is the Super Affiliate System?

This brings to me to an important question. What is John Crestani failing to mention? Where are the hidden roadblocks in the Super Affiliate System?

  • Done for you ad campaigns. In my experience, these often don’t work if everyone is using the same campaigns.
  • John states you’ll need $250 to spend on Facebook Ads after you invest in the course.  I’d say this is more like $1,000 to spend on paid advertising, most likely Facebook Ads.
  • Time Commitment.  At times life gets in the way but if you know up front that you don’t the five hours per week to put for at least 6 weeks, this course isn’t for you. At least not now anyway.
  • Additional Online Software you need to purchase.

Super Affiliate System Review 3.0

In the latest version of the training course, John is up to version 3.0 which includes a vast array of updates from version 2.0. This will suit people who fall into the following categories:

  • Employees who are tired of the 9 to 5 grind and are looking for a way out. A way to get back their time so they can start living a life they want to live.
  • Stay at Home Moms who have a bit of time to spare to invest in a home-based business that they can fit around the kids.
  • Retirees who are looking to supplement their income in retirement. Usually, when you purchase an online product, there is some small part of the product the promoter forgot to mention. Unfortunately, this can be the difference between being successful with the product or not. I can tell you what this business does not require:
  • No Audience
  • No product
  • No clients
  • No employees
  • It only requires about five hours of your time each week.

What Happens When I Sign Up For The Free Training?

You will be directed to an autowebinar registration page where you can watch a pre-recorded training webinar that goes for around 2 hours. The webinar will be available to view within the next 15 minutes no matter where you are located. John Crestani gives out tonnes of free useful information that you could take away and apply instantly without ever needing to spend a dime. This webinar was recorded live at some point, but unfortunately, the free cash giveaway no longer applies.

Is the Super Affiliate System a Scam?

Unfortunately, there are always those people who will try and tell you that any online marketing course is a scam. They are usually the people that will be working a job for the rest of their lives. In my opinion, the super affiliate system which replaced the former Internet Jetset course by John Crestani is anything but a scam. He is providing loads of valuable information in his six-week course where you can learn at your own pace.

john crestani internet jetset

Super Affiliate Review

There has been a bit of confusion around the fact the online training course is referred to as a system when there is no system software involved. The course is purely a bunch of training videos that is broken down into 6 weeks. In total over 50 hours of content.


What’s Included in the John Crestani Super Affiliate System?

  • A complete A to Z affiliate marketing training course
  • 15 hours worth of over the shoulder lessons showing you exactly what to do every step of the way.
  • Ready to launch affiliate marketing campaigns so you can hit the ground running
  • Pre-sell pages that have been successfully used in the past
  • Access to high converting affiliate offers. John provides you with referrals to networks you might otherwise not have access to.
  • Weekly workshops with John Crestani where he reviews member sales copy
  • Ad Swipe files
  • Advertising buyers data to take the guesswork out of paid advertising
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • $895 in free advertising credits