Do you want to make more money?

Well, now that I have your attention you are probably wondering “How can I make money quickly?” You look at the videos and pictures of these so-called self-made millionaires and wonder if you could too have the same success.

If you were to look at John Crestani now, you would see a highly successful marketer who is living the dream. But that was not always the case. It has taken John lots of time (over ten years) and money (lots of it) to develop the perfect affiliate system. So, in 2015, he created a course called the Super Affiliate System as an opportunity to share his success and the secrets on how he was able to achieve his goals. Four years later and update (in 2019 Super Affiliate System was updated) it is one of the more successful affiliate marketing courses on the market. The course is a step by step series of video tutorials that introduces you to affiliate marketing and how you too can be successful. This online course is available to anyone no matter their experience. But will it work for you?

Super Affiliate System: How does it work?

At $997, you get a course that will make you a successful marketer in as little as twelve weeks. During these twelve weeks, you will get up to 50 hours of videos teaching you how to be successful at affiliate marketing. The first two weeks will be spent understanding the basics behind the model. It will allow you to understand the mindset that is required to be successful in this game. And allow you to build a basic foundation of setting up landing pages and tracking software.

This is then followed by courses explaining how to use YouTube Ads, Facebook, Google, and other forms of big traffic sources, to drive traffic to your website.
In the final module, you will be able to put your knowledge to work and understand what it will take to make your website a success and potentially make 1000’s of dollars a day. (Yeah that is what they claim).

Who is John Crestani?

John Crestani, the man behind the system, is 29-years old and hails from Santa Monica, California. He, too, like so many of us, was looking to make millions online but experienced plenty of failures. He finally did achieve success running a website called, which sells health products. This website also includes an affiliate network that allows others to join his team as affiliates and sell his health products. When you dig a little further, you will discover that he has made a few “unethical” decisions in the past. One poor decision was when he was a University student, and he had used his IT knowledge to gain all the test answers for his online courses. He then sold the answers to other students and was making over $1000.00 a day. He also was investigated by Pay-Pal for selling unapproved products on his eBay store, which eventually caused him to close-up shop. I will leave it to you to judge whether those choices have an impact with you in determining his character.

And speaking of the system, I am going to dive into it, and the goal is to give you some insight into whether this system could work for you.

The Super Affiliate System

The first step is with traffic. John uses quite a few ways of getting visitors to his website, (besides the pictures of himself standing next to his Lamborghini or Jet). He uses every platform available to get his message across, using both free and paid sources. Most of his paid ads appear on YouTube, Google, Adwords, and of course, Facebook.

All the traffic is coming to one landing page, which is a registration page for his Webinar. He is offering a glimpse to anyone interested in watching a 1 hr Webinar free of charge. Mind you that up to this point; there is no clue to how much this program will cost you. You will have to experience the Webinar first, which the goal that is before you are done watching the video you will be willing to pay anything to join his program, which will amount to $997.

Wow, that sounds like a lot of money. But when it comes down to it, I guess you need to think about how much money you stand to make?

So, if your budget allows it and you are motivated to complete the course, it could be the best decision you ever make!

12 Weeks To Success?

Week 1: Learning the Basics


• What is affiliate marketing? Paid Advertising?
• How does it work
• What blogs and forums to join
• Meeting the top influencers in the industry
• Why starting by promoting nutraceuticals (skincare, weight loss, etc.) is a great way to start

Week 2: Setup

• Setting up your system correctly
• How to connect with your future customers
• How to find the data concerning your niche and start to speak your niche language
• Properly target an audience that is ready to purchase
• Intent and how its effects advertising.

Week 3: More knowledge about Tools and Setup

• Setting up a basic affiliate system (hosting, domain, landing pages, etc.)
• How joining Clickbank can help
• Setting up Click-tracking and post pixels for ad campaigns
• What is the best strategy when it comes to promoting ClickBank products
• Show how by working effectively with your affiliate manager will have a bigger advantage

Week 4: Learning Copywriting Methods

• Learn about some of the most trusted formats when it comes to advertising
• John’s 17-step copywriting formula
• Identify any possible issues your customer may experience
• How to correct these issues or pain points
• How advertorials can help you the most when it comes to marketing

Week 5: More In-Depth Research Tactics

• Developing a research process that will remove any chance of failure
• Proven methods that have worked for successful marketers
• A step by step process that replicates what John uses in his campaigns
• Find and rip landing pages
• Have the landing pages work for you. Your very own digital salesperson
• How to learn all about a competitor including its weaknesses which in turn will help destroy it

Week 6: Useful Tactics when it comes to Advertising

• Remove clicks that can lead to a large amount of fraud or fraudulent activity
• Learn about Split-testing
• Generate more clicks and sales by optimizing your ads
• Appropriately test every part of your ad. The headlines, body, colors, etc.
• Learn how fine-tuning your ads will increase profit margins
• A sure-fire method of research and swiping which will help your campaign

Week 7: Expanding your Mindset

• Learn why most people fail
• Learn how to avoid affiliate marketing mistakes before they happen
• Raise your chances for success
• Understand the importance of staying focused to remain productive working at home
• Ways to remain focused on one project and prevent “opportunity hopping.”

Week 8: Networking

• Utilize the success of others to motivate
• Affiliate accountability team will help you stay motivated
• Getting a representative from Facebook to help you get some favorable treatment
• Discover what the three programming languages that every marketer must learn
• How to stay ahead (way ahead) of your competition

Week 9: Google Ads

• Detailed information on Google Ads
• How to get the most out of your Google Ad. (target, Copywrite, optimize and remarket)
• Get ready to launch an affiliate campaign (examples in a number of niches).

Week 10: Facebook Ads

• Get the maximum amount of success by adjusting a Facebook campaign
• How to use Facebook Artificial Intelligence
• Watch John build a profitable campaign from nothing
• How to stay within the rules when it comes to affiliate ads on Facebook
• Learn strategies in custom audience monetization

Week 11: Native Advertising

• What is native advertising and how does it work
• How to use it to your advantage to drive traffic to your website
• Avoid the pitfalls that come when using native advertising
• How to break apart campaigns effectively
• Look to structure for the lowest cost bid and conversions

Week 12: Growing your Business

• How to grow your profit from $100/day to $10,000 a day
• How and when to use scaling, both vertical and horizontal
• The best ways to run and outsource a team
• How to best work with developers and designers
• The hiring process and managing media buyers



There are multiple` advantages to using this program. One is that it will benefit everyone no matter what your experience is with affiliate marketing. It even benefits the more experienced users offering tips and tricks to improve your presence. It is very user-friendly and hosts several insider tips that you would not find anywhere else. Personal opinions aside John has been very successful with this program, with accolades coming from numerous financial publications on John has been featured in numerous publications like Yahoo Finance, Forbes and others talking about his success.

The Cons

Let’s face it even when it comes to the possibility of a system that is designed for people who want to get rich quick. There is always something that may be considered an issue or con, besides the individual who did not succeed with the program.

But no like actual perceived issues with the system itself. One would be the cost of the program. Unless you have $997 lying around, it may be too big of a financial investment to start. And that doesn’t include all the other “hidden costs” you may come across. If you are looking for help from the support staff, it is only available through email, which can be a little annoying, especially if you need help immediately. There is also the prospect of it not working as described and getting easily frustrated. Honestly, what may be a successful run for someone may not work so well for you. Remember the key to your success is to make sure that you maintain the proper mindset (remember Week One) so that you can persevere to the end.


The possibility of success using John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System could vary. Some people may not be so quick to dismiss the idea and try it out for themselves whiles others maybe a little more skeptical about it. The truth is that he does offer insight and good information on how to run a successful affiliate system. The question is whether it will work or not lies with you and how much time and money are you willing to invest in his program.